Kevin’s unexpectedly fun and affecting keynote and conference breakout programs spread a contagiously-positive, unforgettable mindset that reconnects us – through laughter – with simple and essential wisdom we too often forget. Kevin energizes and delights audiences, while empowering them to create and maintain inclusive, positive, productive environments in the workplace, in their communities, and beyond. Kevin brings audiences together at all levels: manager to employee, colleague to colleague, company to customer.

A great keynote powerfully sets the tone for your entire conference or event. Kick things off with excitement, send ‘em home on a high note, or electrify your conference banquet with a keynote program that helps your audience feel great about your organization and the important work they do.

Kevin takes your audience on a hilarious journey from childhood through adulthood, celebrating the huge impact a single person can make through small choices every day through the power of love, respect, and compassion.

Keynote Titles:
• ALOHA Mindset: Essentials for Inspiring Excellence and  Achievement
• Connect through ALOHA: 4 Simple Ways to Enhance Workplace Culture
• ALOHA: 4 Simple Ways to Create a Culture of Kindness
• Choose to Love: Kindness and the Bottom Line
• custom keynote based on your needs

Kevin fuels and reignites your audience’s passion for the work they do through interactive and experiential breakout sessions and workshops that engage everyone – even the “un-engageable” – while celebrating diversity in a thoughtful, respectful, fun, and non-threatening way.

Bring the House Down with an Expert Presenter at Your Next Event: Motivational Comedian and Keynote Speaker Kevin Wanzer

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You’ll never forget Kevin’s entertaining stories and how they relate to everyone in the audience. We could not have chosen a better speaker to close our annual customer conference. Your team deserves to spend time with Kevin.

–Mike Simmons, Chairman and CEO of T2 Systems