Choose to Love

a poem by Kevin Wanzer

it is amazing in this world today

filled with love and hate

what separates the common one

from the one who is truly great

for it is not the wealth in your bank account

or the stuff in your own back yard

it is instead, what you share from inside

of your loving, caring heart

you do not choose your color of skin

you don’t choose to be born rich or poor

you do not choose to be deaf or blind

wishing you had something more

you do not choose with whom you fall in love

you don’t choose to be woman or man

you do not choose your family at birth

it is all part of a much larger plan

and although for some it’s hard to relate

to the differences others endure

keep in mind there are certain choices

that make you shallow or pure

you do choose to love or hate

you do choose to follow or lead

you do choose to embrace or ignore others

in their time of need

some things in life you cannot alter

but your attitude can change; it’s true

and by doing so you can affect

the people who look up to you

the meaning of life is the greatest mystery of all

but the answer is easily found

it is unconditional love for all humankind

who walk on our common ground

Copyright 2005 by Kevin Wanzer